The Importance of an Admission Essay

One of the most critical pieces of writing any potential university or graduate student will do is their admissions essay. It is a piece that helps to define who you are and your potential to the university you seek to enter. Many students make the critical error when they assume that only a famous university such as Harvard or Stanford requires a brilliant admissions essay. This is not only untrue but it is an assumption that may cost many students the opportunity to be admitted into an excellent university or college.

The admissions essay should be composed of several essential elements. First, it can be a brief biography of who you are as a person. One of the components that is important is a description of your non-academic activities. Admissions officers often look for information on your community service, the ways in which you have volunteered your time and made a substantive commitment to the people around you. They want to know who you are and not just what you do. A second piece will be your academic intentions. Any university wants to know why you have applied to them in particular. This cannot be some generic statement about how wonderful and prestigious they are. Do your homework! Take the time to learn as much as you can about the university and the program you hope to enter. You should be able to mention specific professors whose research interests match your own. This is an area of the essay that must make a positive impact.

In addition to the sections mentioned above, another component is the actual research you intend to pursue, or the program you plan to enter. This is the place where you provide highly specific information on your future plans both from an academic and a professional perspective. For example, if your interest is in becoming a pharmacist, tell the university why you want to pursue this profession. There should be passages that highlight the reasons for your interest in the pharmaceutical profession that include the way you intend to practice as a pharmacist. You should be clear about your goals, values, and ideals.

In the process of writing this essay it is advisable to seek out guidance from others who have already written a successful admissions essay. This provides you with an important resource from which to draw insight and information. A service such as The Essayist can be of enormous help in this regard. They provide you with a writer whose expertise matches your needs, and this enables you to receive a professionally written admissions essay.

If you’re writing this piece on your own then never submit the first draft. That is another mistake that many people make. You should always write several drafts and try to find a few objective readers too. They should not be friends or family but a former teacher or even undergraduate professor. They are in the best position to provide you with realistic feedback and practical techniques for improvement. While a criticque of our writing can sometimes seem harsh and even unfeeling, it is a necessary pre-requisite for the creation of a successful admissions essay. You must be willing to hear what is not working so that you can improve the essay until it’s a polished piece of writing. This will demonstrate to the university that you are willing to put your best foot forward in your desire to study with them.

In fact, if there is anything your future university is interested in, it is how you approach your application. They see this as a way to judge you (to a degree) on the type of student you have the potential to become. This is why you must approach this essay with an attitude of a perfectionist. One of the long-time rules of professional writing is; never submit any work to an editor that is anything less than your absolute best. The same is absolutely true of admissions essays. Do not send through an essay that sounds okay. This sends a bad message to the university, and you will likely be turned down. Submit a sensational essay! This tells the university that you will only give your best, and that is the type of person/student you are. It is also helpful to remember that universities consider each student a representative of who they are. They want the best. Your essay is one of the best tools you have to demonstrate that if you are one of their students, you will make an outstanding representative.